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My Ultimate Web Development stack

My Python & Django Web Development adventure brought me to daily use of a very nice set of tools. As 2010 ends and I am slowing down on Web Development to concentrate on Systems & Network Administration, it's the perfect time ...

Django and Python2.5 on Ubuntu 9.04 with virtualenvwraper

Python2.6 is the default Python version on Ubuntu 9.04. Now you may still want to run your Django websites with Python2.5. A nice way to do this is by creating virtual environments to handle $PYTHONPATH and avoid ...

Back to Windows for HD Video editing

It's been a while Linux is my main operating system. I occasionally use Windows on my Asus EEE PC netbook and under Virtualbox to play poker. But today I am back under Windows with full hardware power needs.

My ...

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Sumo wrestling

Sumo wrestling (Sumo stadium)

Sumo wrestling (Sumo stadium)